Australian Squad 2020 - Wednesday, 1st January 2020

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Entries for this Tournament Closed on Wednesday, 15th January 2020 at 9pm

Closing Time Zone Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) 21:00

Commitment Pledge

  • Compete in the AMAC circuit for Two (2) of the three (3 Rounds) rounds in the designated State.
  • Be part and supportive of the AMAC culture in assisting athletes during their tournament
  • Attend one (1) of two (2) AMAC Squad Training clinics - any location (as specified in the clinic attendance guidelines and one (1) compulsory pre-tournament clinic).
  • Commit to an International WMAC event for 2020.
  • AMAC name and logos are a Trademark of AMAC and are not allowed to be reproduced or used without written consent.
  • At no event or any circumstances will athlete/parent/supporter or club coach discredit the AMAC or AMAC related event(s), walk out of an event AMAC session or team function or cause a protest situation etc - this is reserved for the AMAC Squad coach(s) and officials.
  • Any violation of the AMAC Tournament Squad Etiquette may result in Athletes and parents/guardians being retired from the Australian Squad or withdrawal from further events on the day.
  • Squad members and associated supporters and club coaches are also representing AMAC and Australia at squad events as well as during travel and at accommodation venues. All are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, which includes appropriate professional behaviour in public amongst themselves as well as with the public at all times.

AMAC National Squad Uniform Guidelines & Conditions :

  • AMAC National Squad Uniform Guidelines & Conditions:

  • Only Squad members are allowed to wear the AMAC Squad uniforms or related AMAC Squad titles. This cannot be transferred to any other person regardless of circumstance.
  • The AMAC Australian Squad uniform will be at all times clean, pressed and in good condition with my markings, badges, alterations from original condition and not torn.
  • No additional embroidery is allowed on the official AMAC uniforms
  • No other squad and squad event associated uniforms are allowed to be made without written consent from AMAC; this includes clubs, support teams, parents etc.
  • Only the qualified AMAC Australian Squad athlete is allowed to wear the AMAC uniform - no other person is allowed to portray themselves as an AMAC athlete
  • The full AMAC Squad uniform maybe requested to be returned back to AMAC if an athlete is removed from the Squad for any breech of Squad guidelines and the commitment pledge - no refund will be provided.
  • No athlete can wear the AMAC Squad uniform for training in non-AMAC Squad training sessions. The uniform is reserved for travel and dress code when representing Australia at AMAC sanctioned travel (including international travel) and events or at Squad clinics and pre-event training.
  • The athlete must wear his or her own club uniform only at all training and competition events other than those officially for National Squad training or competition.
  • 2020 Note regards uniform: 2019 Tracksuit will be not suitable for 2020 (uniform is changed every two years). As outlined in the conditions, squad uniform is primarily for travelling to and from training and competition events as well as international travel to and from the country of competing.
  • Uniforms : 2019 members can add “2020 AUSTRALIAN SQUAD Member” under their current uniform badges, according to Font and font size requirements.

AMAC National Squad Clinic and Tournament Attendance Guidelines & Conditions for 2020 :

  • AMAC National Squad Clinic and Tournament Attendance Guidelines & Conditions for 2020:

  • It is IMPORTANT to read this as part of signing the pledge so there is an understanding that if people show up to the main tournament without meeting all squad training requirements they will not be able to compete.
  • Our requirements are minimal standards of attendance enforced in all sporting codes at a national level. This is being made clear up front so anyone who must pull out or are dismissed from competing understand our need to be clear and consistent in applying conditions to be fair to everyone.
  • Attend one (1) of two (2) AMAC Squad Training clinics - any location (as specified in the clinic attendance guidelines and one (1) compulsory pre-tournament clinic).
  • Australian Squad Clinic #1 for World Titles (Feb 16 NSW; Feb 23rd QLD - 9am-5pm)
  • Australian Squad Clinic #2 JMAC (May 3rd QLD; May 17 NSW - 9am-5pm)
  • Pre-tournament Training in Yokohama June 5th ,12:30-4:40pm).
  • Please note:
  • The Qld Clinic will be held in Yatala, Gold Coast QLD
  • The NSW clinic will be held in Blacktown, Sydney NSW
  • Pre-tournament training will be 12:30pm-4:30pm the day before the tournament. The venue will be confirmed in a Coaches Update. Therefore, committing to this year’s squad means your travel arrangements must include the competitor’s attendance at these times the day prior to the international tournament.
  • If you anticipate any issues in attending this pre-tournament session for Yokohama, Japan then that excludes you from competing.
  • There is no Melbourne Clinic for 2020, so Victorian Squad members are exempt from the State Clinic (two clinic) requirement but must attend the Pre-tournament Training.
  • Squad Application include:

  •       - Select which Int'l event(s) you will be attending:
  • Email your selection of the below options to the National Head Coach (
  •          - Portugal World Championships (WMAC)
  •          - Japan (JMAC on June 6th)
  •          - Japan (Shidokan International Championships, November 15).
  •       - Select in which state you will be attending one or both Squad Training Clinics:
  • Email your selection of the below options to the National Head Coach (
  •          - NSW (uniform pick up); must attend Squad Clinic #1 if competing in Portugal
  •          - QLD (manufacturer to send Qld Clinic uniforms directly); must attend Squad Clinic #1 if competing in Portugal.
  • Criteria for Squad Application : 2020 AMAC National Squad will be open to ALL 2019 Australian National Championships competitors; however, AMAC reserves right to not accept some applications (full refund for those not accepted).
  • Must actually compete in Australian Championships to qualify for the World Titles

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